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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I was busy last Friday shooting with the wonderful Model Melissa! Got a few seasonal pics, just for fun and since the tree was up, what the hell...

Every year, the season seems to come earlier and yet go by faster. I'm guessing that can be attributed to my creeping (creepy?) old age. At any rate, I am so grateful to be where I am as opposed to two years ago, that all holidays, birthdays, sunny days, rainy days and even Mondays are just incredible! Seize everyday, you never know...

Enough philosophy! My model and friend Tirrza gave me a wonderful prop and so Melissa and I thought we'd give it a shot, so to speak (groan). There appear to be a lot of fun possibilities, so I plan on using this frame for a while, or until I get sick of it. Anyway, slowing down for the holidays, going to enjoy the non invasive smell of the artificial tree and the electronic candles. If you don't see me before, have a safe and sane Christmas, fireworks and trees don't mix and I hope you find all the eggs!

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