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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My shoot with Melissa was once again a special experience.  That was our 25th session since we first shot together in June of 2009.  She no longer lives in Vegas and took some of her valuable time to stop by the studio just for us to shoot again.  I am saving almost all of these images to work on during my recovery over the next 8 weeks, but I did want to share a few before I enter the hospital next week.

Here she is with her special blanket, which is also going to be for sale to her many fans.  While it is shipped directly to you, at this time, all ordering must come through me, so I won't be taking orders on this, or any items until I am safely home.  While it is custom woven to order and takes generally less that 2 weeks for delivery, I would hate to have anyone kept waiting longer for fulfillment (of the order, not the sleeping with the Melissa blanket.)

Here is one more image of my muse.  We have done several sessions with the white rug on a black background.  This time we decided to shoot it on the solid blue.  Hope you enjoy and there will be more to come as I recover and edit.

Until next time, just another day in the life of an aging photographer.

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