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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well, I did come back for one more post before tomorrow.  Mostly just to thank the very sweet Mandy for our wonderful shoot this afternoon.  Due to her great attitude and also her friendship, I really didn't get a chance to think about the surgery.  I probably won't be able to shoot again until mid May, so it is nice to know that I have hundreds of images to work on until then!

Hopefully I'll be back with a new found vigor and strength and the ability to do some outdoor shoots in the lovely southern Nevada area.  I'm sure I'll be seeing you just as soon as I can , so, in the meantime, enjoy the images and maybe leave a comment.



Monday, March 11, 2013

Well, the time is growing close and, while I am not concerned about the surgery itself, I am not looking forward to the 8 weeks of recovery.  At least I am going into this procedure with a strong heart, lungs and no infection, as opposed to the last seven episodes. 

This lovely lady to your left has agreed to one more shoot on the afternoon before my admission to the hospital.  It will serve the great purpose of keeping my mind busy as well as giving me even more images to have to work on during my recovery. 

I probably won't be posting again for a few weeks, and this time I will have an excuse.  While I'm away, I would like to make sure that all my models and friends understand how much a respect and care about them.  I have been extremely lucky in  meeting some of the most interesting and "real" people in my photographic life.

My love, respect and best wishes go out to all of you, as well as my sincere thanks for the creative opportunities you have given me.