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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exactly three weeks ago I was coming out of surgery.  I would sincerely like to thank the wonderful surgical team and my surgeon for doing such a fine job!  While I probably could have been back at the computer sooner, sitting here was only comfortable for about 10 minutes, so it was check emails and move on.

Now, I am able to get to all the wonderful images that the lovely models left me with to pass the time of my recovery.  To the left is the lovely Melissa, who, with any luck, I'll be shooting again in a couple of weeks!  Although she has moved, we still make an effort to shoot everytime she is back in the area. 

And, of course the amazing Mandy worked with me the afternoon before my surgery.  I have hundreds of images of her to go through and can hardly wait to get started. 

I can honestly say that this lady's beauty is so much more than skin deep.  She is a truly wonderful and caring person. 

As soon as I'm a bit more mobile, I'll be heading down to the Las Vegas Strip to have a couple with this awesome bartender who's got a great gig going at a new strip property!   Lots of talent working there, too.  Hmm, sounds like a talent search is in order!

And, I also have images of my lovely neighbor and model, Jessica! 

Needless, to say, I have lots of lovely images to keep me busy as I sit here waiting for those hundreds of stitches to dissolve and absorb into my body, lol.  Since there is no way to speed that along, I'll just be here, minding my business and enjoying my life.

All my best to all of you and see you next time!