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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

True to form, it has been a few months, so I guess it is time to check in and update you to my latest photographic endeavors.

My muse, Ariel, has relocated across the country, so it may be a very long time before I get to create more images with her. While it saddens me that she is no longer available to inspire me, our catalog of images over the last several years will always serve as a reminder of what can be created.

I do, however, continue to shoot and I do have some amazing ladies that I work with on a regular basis. Of course there is Sarah Jane Woodall, aka "Wonderhussy", the fabulous Las Vegas model and author and bloggoer who always brightens my day and my studio. We've worked together twice in the past month and here are some of those wonderful images!

I also have had the opportunity to photograph the fabulous model Jill. She is a Canadian beauty who travels throughout the world and we always manage to get together while she's in Las Vegas. In addition to her modeling talents, she is also quite an accomplished photographer and also heads up a modeling group known as "The Goddess Collective" Three other models I work with are members of this loose knit group, the aforementioned Sarah Jane, Jessica Dawn and Sessey, all of which you can see here.

And now, Jill:

Jessica Dawn is another fantastic model, and just happens to be a neighbor. She has appeared in digital Playboy editions as well as the TV show Naked Vegas (with Jill). She is a petit model with eyes that, well, you'll see.

I have only worked with Sessey three times. She is quite busy with her premed studies and part time sales work, so I do treasure any chances we get to be creative. Enjoy Sessey:

Hopefully, in the next few months, The Goddess Collective and I will be having a photo show, poster sale and signing in conjuction with the Las Vegas First Friday Arts Celebration in downtown Las Vegas. Stay tuned for details!
Until next time.....