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Monday, January 26, 2015

I finished up 2014 with a great shoot with the wonderful Sarah Jane Woodall. We have worked together so many times and over so many years, that I am still pleased that we are able to come up with new and exciting images together. If you are a photographer and get to the Las Vegas area, be sure and try and book a shoot with her. She knows lots of locations for outdoor nude photo shoots and is a dream to work with. If it weren't for health issues, I would definitely get out of the studio and shoot with her in the desert! Here are lots of images from our last shoot of 2014. I hope you enjoy and please, feel free to comment. Thanks!

I started the year off with a shoot with Sessey. She is a very photogenic nude model here in Vegas who hasn't been shooting much as of late, due to school and work schedules, but I am so glad she found some time for us to do our 4th shoot. Please enjoy and comment on Sessey's images, as well.

So, as I enter what will be my final year as a professional photographer, retire and become just a hobbyist, I would like to thank the models I have worked with over the years, hope that we can do one or two final shoots this year. I plan on putting much of my work into a large coffee table book, so that my work has some true, tangible legacy. I'll keep you informed on the progress and I'll also do my best to keep it both high quality and also affordable. See you next time!

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