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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January ended up with some awesome shoots with ladies of the Goddess Collective, Jillian V, Jessica Dawn and Ashley Rose.

We started out with Ashley Rose's tribute to Marilyn Monroe:

Followed by other fun images on the red velvet:

Then we got Jill V into the act!

Then, Jill, by herself:

Then, the ladies took to the tub:

Two days later, I had a solo shoot with Ashley and I will only share a couple of those images for now, but I promise more next time!

The next day I had an awesome shoot with Jessica Dawn. The underlying theme of this session was Valentine's Day:

More of these images to follow, as well.

Now that you have enjoyed looking at the ladies, please, go back to the top and remember to order your copy of the magazine! I thank you, and wish you all a wonderful February!

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