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Friday, June 19, 2015

I guess its time for my June update. The closer I get to full retirement, the more I realize how much I will miss my attempts at creativity. This months awesome shoot was with my neighbor, Jessica Dawn, whom I first photographed back in 2007. Amazingly, we were able to shoot in a wardrobe piece from that first shoot. I think you'll enjoy seeing the difference eight years has made in her development. Here is Jessica in 2007:

And in the same outfit in 2015:

It is always a pleasure to shoot with her and I hope we were able to capture the spirit of the photo sesssion!

Lots of other great images as well.

And then, we tried the stairs:

The closer I get to retirement, the more I am going back to re edit and process some older images. Perhaps the next post will be of these restyled pictures. In the meantime, I wish all of you my best.

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  1. We never lose our creativity... We just explore more...thanks for sharing yours!