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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I sure am doing a fine job of not keeping current on this blog! As I get closer to retirement, I keep finding other things to do... I know, it is hard to believe that there are things more interesting than photographing nude women, but, after years of it, it does become just work. However, once I start shooting, I do enjoying the creative aspect of the art. I recently had the opportunity to shoot with Ashley Rose, once again. It was a quick shoot, due to her being late, but it went fairly well. Here are some of the images from that session.


And so, life goes on and I get closer to the day I just do some hobby shooting from time to time. I do have a few more shoots scheduled and a few more people who want to shoot, so we'll see how it goes and hopefully I will have more images before the big announcement!

Until the next time, Keep enjoying your life and will try and do the same.

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